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We develop for your receptions a privilege of flavors. Of the cocktail(cocktail party) in the most prestigious dinner, we suggest you a wide range of rooms(parts,plays) cocktail(cocktail party) salty(steep) and sweet creative and delicious taking, delivering or serving so that your menus.

We develop your menus according to your tastes and budgets.

We organize the receptions for Companies, Communities and Private individuals.
Our team brings a sensory, creative and original note(mark).
To transform your event at unique(only) moment, will be our priority.

Know that we shall always be near(on the side of) your dreams, so that the moment shared with your guests is unforgettable. Below you can find all our menus caterer

A question, a reservation?

Do not hesitate, contact us

05 53 64 21 30
Le Lion d'Or and the Thousand and One Treatments Institute fill your desires of escape, relaxation ...
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